Happiness Is A Choice

Is happiness really a choice? This title gets me wondering, I could be going through the {most} hardest of times in my life—then some person who has it good at the moment turns and tells me to smile and choose to be happy. I can understand why my inner monologue can immediately come up with differing speeches towards positive feedback—especially when I am feeling down and out.

The truth is that as humans we have internal monologues with our thoughts and our past experiences, what we have learned to be, who and what we are, constantly plays in our heads and it becomes a conscious monologue in our minds and it’s invariably happening as we go through the gift of today. What brings joy to this understanding is that we then realize that we can reconstruct this by acting in ways that will assist us in finding inner peace, and listen accurately to what we keep telling ourselves.

I have just like everyone alive been through the hard times, I am grateful when the day ends with a smile and boom in the middle of the night I find my mind stirring—I ask myself how did I have an awesome day merely to wake up feeling like I am suffocating? I realize that time is nothing but a resource for me to use and continue developing my presence/thought/mind by choosing to tell myself the good that is breath, being able to breathe, make a hot cup of tea in the middle of the AM’s and read a fictional book that will get my mind off of the negative thoughts that keep lingering in my head.

I choose to allow God and love to help me in finding content that will help me come back to my awareness, it is not easy but it is worth it, learning to live a life, which is guided by positive intent—choosing to be happy, is aligned to replacing the bad with the good. In every activity, we choose to be a part of, we create our reality, which is where our leadership is. Then we find ourselves in eternal Joy which cannot be taken away by the experiences we go through on a daily—what he did or what she said because we perpetually surrender.

We must recognize that being hurt or heart broken is part of the human adventure, it is inevitable, and otherwise, we wouldn’t end up six feet under eventually.

We can choose to appreciate the little things we have and go through, this enlightens us to be more resourceful and less reactive—we begin to use our time and the little we have to create magic, and that is what life is about, to be responsible and be able to build better realities for our loved ones.

You cannot build a happy life if everything revolves around your pain, the first reaction will be to harm others and in turn, harm yourself. It may seem redundant but choosing positive content whenever and however you feel will only increase your vibration to revolve around love, and when you do feel nothing but love even when you feel hurt—that is when you start caring about others, you limit the ME syndrome which is destroying the beauty of the human experience.

Spend more time in gratitude, act towards your positive thoughts as you continue to seek this great light of love and wonderful experiences, Life is what you make of it, what you decide to wear or eat is not the reason you feel down—it’s your attitude and that needs to change, Happiness is a decision and that habitually leads to pure joy! Well for me it does. Try it, choose love, look at the bigger picture, not to only think of yourself, don’t continually let yourself down by thinking you can change how people treat you—start treating yourself better, you really do deserve it.

Ask yourself on a daily, I do this all the time. Especially when I can see that I have now taken myself to the lowest pits of existence. Ask yourself this on a daily: AM I HERE FOR RUIN? Nah FAM. That is when change starts again.