Branding is the key to any company, it communicates the core values first hand and that is the entire representation of the company. We all know it is not the easiest thing to convince your organization that branding will uplift the companies presence in the market, for whatever is coming but branding remains the most integral part of any business whether existing or start up.

A simple well-done logo is great for a companies value, in that it increases expectation for your brand which means it becomes top of mind. Branding educates clients and employees or prospective employees about the vision that the company stands for. There is a notion from most companies and individuals that branding doesn’t bring in money or it is not needed for what the company is trying to do or accomplish. However, branding is the face of the company and sometimes an ugly face is not inviting until you get to talk to and understand what the other person stands for (Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder). That is essentially how I view BRANDING, it is not the logo or the colors that are associated with the company, Yes, those play an important role, however, it is all about the consistency that the brand chooses to maintain the propriety of a brand. How your organization chooses to tell stories through branding.


Always remember that products have a lifecycle and that lifecycle can come to an end very rapidly. Brands, on the other hand, have no life cycle just proper maintenance from the people involved in keeping it relevant. This is the most effective way to build credibility around your company. Prospective clients will gain trust for your business only if you allow yourself to be branded, and properly so.

Next time you think about the people who will be working for you to expand your vision, think of what branding can also do to influence them in trusting that your organization is the one to stay trusted in and do the best in. Most small businesses stay small simply because they lack the understanding that they are not a 2nd hand book shop. What legacy are you trying to build? Do you see your company lasting as long as 10years with the same perspective when it comes to branding?

These are the three most important reasons why you need branding.


One thing that most successful entrepreneurs and business owners understand is that the branding comes first in whatever initiative that they are planning to achieve or launch. Without the image and visual language of the product or company, the business is not going to create what we call the “Brand Positioning” which simply means the place in the consumer’s mind that you want to own as a company or brand. Remember that an asset is also the return on investment that customers are expecting. Building your company around branding and storytelling is essential to creating the value that your company deserves.


When you are building your business we both know that you are creating a need and that need has to be fulfilled by your organization. In doing so you are creating expectations for the end user. Now branding might seem like it’s misleading, however, the message you portray is definitely going to reach the people who are interested in the story you are telling. Branding expands this holistic vision across much simpler only when done right. A brand that is executed with details will encompass the following aspects; logos, content, blogging strategy, visual assets, color and font usage. There are more components to this, however, these are the basics you will need to get your brand going consistently. Knowing that you haven’t left out any important factors that include growing your business.


Branding is the term used in marketing to define your logo, colors, symbol or design and it helps identify what you sell, also what you are about and what you want to achieve within your brand as a whole. It is more than a logo it is your face to the public and prospective clients, investors, and employees.

Your brand is in essence who you are as a person, your personality, what values are going to drive your organization and last but not least the goals you seek to achieve. By truly understanding this you set yourself aside from the competition and you allow customers to come to you trusting what you are planning to do. Customers believe in one thing and that is the purpose of your business. Does it speak to them? does it evoke a certain emotion in them? Branding can assure you of some certain level of knowledge about your organization from the people you are trying to reach.

What most small businesses don’t understand is that branding helps you establish your business, even though your business is climbing the success leader people already know that this is not a small business. This helps you align with the right kind of partnerships and clients/customers. Now the most important thing is how you deliver what you do in your organization. Branding can help you explain this with such ease and enlightenment.


This post was written by Michael Masinga; Founder and Entrepreneur of Studio Thinkers, The Creator Brand, and Funda Design.

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